The multitube vortexer of choice for your  laboratory!

Customers  are amazed at the good run they have had from their Lab-tek medical laboratory multitube vortexer.. Well they should not be surprised as they  have been exhaustively tested in medical and blood service laboratories in a wide variety of situations for over 18 years!  Initially we enlisted the help of medical laboratory scientists and biomedical electronics technicians to optimise the design and performance of our high quality vortex mixers. The Lab-tek vortexers made by us are designed to meet your local electrical standards. Lab-tek Vortexers are used in over 20 different countries. Many are still in use after 15 years. Some improvements have been made along the way. Yes we still make them. We would love to hear from you.

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Britain: Yes, we do work with the British NHS! You know our vortexers are the best in the world so get another from us.

 Australian customers -please note we are not the labtek in Australia who are distributors. Please ensure your purchase department send your order to Lab-tek International Ltd. Get one DIRECTLY from US, your bro's across the ditch. We love you Assies.

Germany -Es gibt eine menge von Lab-tek vortexers in ganz Deutschland!

Finland- On olemassapalijon Lab-tek vortexers koto Saksan! See Labo line O

Norway-Det er mangeav Lab-tek Vortexers hele Tyskland!

 Philipeans- Ng Mga Lab-tek vortexers buong Alemanya!

Canada and USA? -yes there are alot of Lab-tek Vostexers in your country as well !

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Key Benefits

  • Vortexing cell suspensions.
  • Mixing cytogeneticsuspensions.
  • Gentle mixing with an orbital motion at low speed - so you could mix large vessels such as flasks, down to microlitre plates.
  • Really vigorous orbital vortexing at 2800rpm for cell lysis - mechanical and chemical - yeast cell lysis.
  • Very versatile and made to outlast cheaper vortexers.
  • unlike others, customers can contact us directly.
  • simple to operate -very verstile.

Key Features

  • Solid state speed control from 300 - 2800rpm.
  • Rotation orbit 4mm diameter.
  • Continuous operation or timed from 0 - 60 seconds.
  • Smooth control from gentle to vigorous mixing action.
  • Mix multiple tubes in racks for large batch assays.

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...we started using it immediately and think it is great. In fact we are all fighting over using it!

Karen Dean, Monash University. Australia