Multitube Vortexer Technical Specifications

Tech Diagram

Lab-tek acknowledges the help from technicians, technologists, and scientists at Canterbury Health Laboratories New Zealand.
Canterbury Health Laboratories are accredited medical laboratories.

Operating Tip

We have added a 4mm nylon screw to the bush in the top plate to add tension to the knob to prevent loosening during long vortex runs.
To effectively use this, unscrew the large knob out past the nylon screw then turn the nylon screw in 1/4 turn before turning clockwise the large knob back in. This cuts into the nylon screw and makes a tight 'fit' of the large knob and screw against the stainless steel pole.

If we do not have a distributor in your area we will supply direct. We believe we can supply to Europe a champion vortexer at a very competitive price. Australian Customers please note we are not the same company as Labtek PTY in Australia. You will save money by ordering directly from us. We can easily deliver across the ditch !

"… we started using it immediately and think it is great. In fact we are all fighting over using it!"
Karen Dean, Monash University. Australia.