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Lab-tek multitube vortexers have been exhaustively tested in medical and blood service laboratories in a wide variety of situations. We enlisted the help of medical laboratory scientists and biomedical electronics technicians to optimise the design and performance of our high quality vortex mixers. The electronic specifications are state of the art and are designed to meet your local electrical standards. They are used in over 18 different countries and to our knowledge there has only been one failure after 12 years. Of course new foam pads and a few rubber feet have been supplied. Some improvements have been made along the way.

Extra fast delivery to Europe
   The vortexer of choice for Europe and Australasia
Australian Customers please note -please make sure your purchasing department send your order to Lab-tek International in NZ -we are NOT the labtek Pty in Australia.
British customers -the motors are made in Bournmouthe, U.K. so you should be ordering our vortexers - please order directly from us.

Key Benefits

  • vortexing cell suspensions.
  • mixing cytogeneticsuspensions.
  • gentle mixing with an orbital motion at low speed -so you could mix large vessels such as flasks down to microtitre plates.
  • really vigorus orbital vortexing at 2800rpm for cell lysis - mechanical and chemical - yeast cell lysis.

Key Features -on standard model

  • Solid state speed control from 300 - 2800rpm.
  • Rotation orbit 4mm diameter.
  • Continuous operation or timed from 0 - 60 seconds. Other options are available such as switched timer with 30second intervals up to 6minutes. However, an external timer can be used for accurate timing into hours and days.
  • Smooth control from gentle to vigorous mixing action.
  • Mix multiple tubes in racks for large batch assays.
  • Chemically resistant, easy-to-clean body construction.
  • Four non-skid rubber feet contribute to stability.
  • Very flexible easy to use operation with proven reliability.
  • Powerful permanent magnet DC motor.
  • manually adjust speed control during vortexing to alter the mix.
  • foam pads are chemically resistant and are fixed to the plate by velcro for easy replacement.

Full service manual supplied -CE certified since 2001.  (page updated 28th July 2008)




Current users are satisified with these highly robust vortex mixers and their valued feedback is used in our ongoing product development cycle. Read some testimonials from our customers and contact us today - (contact button is at bottom of page)

At September 2012 we checked on some existing vortexers in the local medical laboratoies and they still running- one after 12 years and others after 8 years. They have replaced the foam pads.

 NEW IMPROVED MODELS -If we do not have a distributor in your area we will supply direct to your hospital or laboratory! (we make this very easy for you to do) 

 FAST DIRECT DELIVERY  Note - Our Lab-tek vortexer is versatile and does not limit you to proprietry cartridges. We do not use contact pressed on switches and digital displays as our experience in medical electronic  servicing show  these can fail sooner than our analogue controls -especially with  constant vigorous vortexing! 

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